Our First Donation Drive of the Year!

We are back with our in-person donation drives!
Starting April 23 until May 12, Friends' supporters in South Florida can bring DIAPERS, FORMULAS, NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS and POWDER WHOLE MILK to our Donation Drive in Pompano, organized by "Familias Sin Agenda" and Friends!

Friends' supporters can also resort to our Amazon Wish List and have their donations shipped to our Miami Office! 
Most newborns and children easily use an average of 10 diapers per day. That is +3,600 diapers in a single year, per child. Imagine now dozens of children at a pediatric hospital where Friends provides with an average of 80 diapers in a single day.... that is +29,000 diapers in a year that we need to secure, together with other baby supplies.

For the past 2 years, Friends has shipped an average of 17,000 diapers per year. Yes, we have been short but we know we can count with so many friends of the children in Venezuela.





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