FRIENDS' 2021 - Univision's Donation Drive! We did it again!

What an amazing response from so many that showed up last Sat. June 19th at Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Doral-FL with a donation of diapers, baby formula, dry milk and pediasure! It was a long, hot, and demanding day of work but full of joy and love from both +20 volunteers and +90 donors who made this possible: 8 pallets of aid and love!

  • 270 packs of diapers, representing +20,000 units of diapers
  • 391 cans of baby formula
  • 258 packs of powdered milk
  • 1,512 bottles of pediasure.

Enjoy this video and celebrate with us all the supplies our local teal and our children in Venezuela will be receiving in the coming 3-4 weeks through our freight forwarding service partner, Skyway Family Cargo

Thanks to St Vincent of Paul - Doral Conference, Unvision Miami, Amor 107.5 FM that once again trusted us and supported us in our mission for the nutrition, education, and health of vulnerable children in Venezuela!


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