FRIENDS' 2018 - Donations

We have a multidisciplinary team established in Venezuela that provides information, prioritization and control over the needs of our children

We connect donations directly to the children who need it through long-standing, trustworthy and transparent friendly organizations that operate in Venezuela at Pediatric Hospitals.

In the Dr Jorge Lizarraga Children's Hospital in Valencia Carabobo State:

  • More than 120 children received between November and December 2016 the complete sets of surgical medical equipment for their intervention and recovery.
  • Repair of roofs and waterproofing of two general rooms of hospitalization of the Pediatric Surgery service, which cover an area of ​​approximately 120 m2.
  • The general maintenance and repair of friezes and paintings of the general hospitalization services (Medicine 1, 2 and 3), which cover an area of ​​approximately 700 m2.
  • The replacement by failure of 5 compressors of 5 tons each in different equipment that airs surgery, Neonatology, Nephrology and Pulmonology, as well as filters, contactor capacitors and associated network protectors.
  • The substitution of 4 absolute filters for the equipment that feeds the surgical and recovery rooms of the operating room area.
  • The supply and installation of a new split air conditioning unit of 18,000 VTU for the External Consultation Service.
  • The execution continues of the program of disinfection of the critical areas of Operating Room, Pediatric Intensive Care, Neonatal Intensive Therapy, Neonatal Intermediate Therapy, Hematology Room, among others.
  • The painting of common areas and services, as well as the replacement of bulbs and ballasts in the specular lamps.
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